West Palm Beach RADIESSE® Treatments

radiesse west palm beach logoRADIESSE® is a dermal filler that uses a special formula to instantly lift and restore lost volume areas of the lower face, reduce and eliminate moderate to severe wrinkles and folds, and enhance the hands to look and feel younger. If you are fighting unwanted signs of aging and want a natural, safe and effective way to rejuvenate your skin, RADIESSE® is your answer. Dr. Carroll and her team at Carroll Dermatology Surgery and Laser Institute are West Palm Beach’s RADIESSE® injection experts. They are here to help you reach your cosmetic enhancement goals.

Radiesse adds volume where it is needed most

The main purpose of a RADIESSE® injection is to plump the skin by adding volume to areas of the lower face impacted by aging. RADIESSE® works its magic using Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA) microsphere suspended in a light gel carrier. As soon as the formula is injected into the skin, it provides the volume needed to eliminate unwanted facial blemishes such as chin wrinkles, marionette lines and smile lines. It only takes one treatment to see nearly immediate results as the face revitalizes itself for one year or more.

Radiesse Promotes The Skin’s Healing Process

RADIESSE® distinguishes itself from other dermal fillers because in addition to restoring lost volume in the face it stimulates natural collagen production in the body. Collagen is a critical component to healthy skin that naturally decreases with age. Without sufficient collagen the skin becomes lax, dull and marred by wrinkles. By triggering the body to produce its own natural collagen, RADIESSE® provides the skin with the tools it needs to remain vibrant and healthy even after CaHA microspheres are absorbed by the body.

Radiesse Also Restores the Hands

Though the face receives the most focus related to anti-aging treatments, the hands also endure excessive sun exposure and overuse that cause them to show signs of aging. If your hands have lost volume and now expose too many veins and tendons, Dr. Carroll can provide a quick and painless injection of RADIESSE® to achieve a “hand lift.” This treatment provides fuller, healthier-looking hands by restoring lost volume and reversing the bulges and bony appearance commonly associated with age. These naturally smooth results appear instantly and last for at least a year.

Without a doubt, RADIESSE® is trusted as a dermal filler that delivers natural results to patients who need more volume and collagen to achieve younger, revitalized skin. Dr. Carroll has years of experience treating her patients with RADIESSE® and she knows exactly how to maintain graceful and age-defying beauty. Call Carroll Dermatology today at 561.475.2728 to schedule your appointment.