Botox – Not Just for Wrinkles

In 2002, the FDA launched its approval for the first time use of a pharmaceutical drug for cosmetic purposes and Botox became a household name. The uses for this panacea for wrinkle reduction between the eyebrows have grown in leaps and bounds. As with any drug, comes risk. Always go to a licensed, credentialed and […]

Facial Fillers: Your Ultimate Holiday Pick-Me-Up

The holiday season is nearly upon us! In addition to enjoying delicious turkey dinners and taking time off from work, you will also see many of your family members and friends during the different holidays scattered throughout November, December, and January. If you’re looking for an easy way to look better than ever without dipping […]

Laser Treatments: What You Need to Know

Do you want to ring in 2018 looking and feeling better than you have in years? You don’t need an invasive plastic surgery procedure that forces you to stay in bed recovering for weeks. A series of cosmetic laser treatments is all you need to transform the health of your skin, revitalize your appearance, and […]

Feed Your Face: Calorie Free

Beautify your skin from the outside in with no worries about calories or weight gain, just beautiful skin. What you put on your skin gets absorbed via your pores and into your body. Put some of your favorite healthy foods on your face and let them get to work on your skin. Some of the […]

Exercise: Your Skin Will Thank You

It is common knowledge that to keep your skin healthy it is necessary to: USE SUNSCREEN, STAY HYDRATED, EAT HEALTHY,  GET ENOUGH SLEEP, AND USE MOISTURIZER. Please Please Please add EXERCISE! What is skin? It’s not like internal organs such as your heart and brain. Skin is on the outside and happens to be our […]