Feed Your Face: Calorie Free

Beautify your skin from the outside in with no worries about calories or weight gain, just beautiful skin. What you put on your skin gets absorbed via your pores and into your body. Put some of your favorite healthy foods on your face and let them get to work on your skin. Some of the foods smell and taste so good you’ll want to eat them too so avoid licking your face.

Open up your fridge and kitchen cabinets and get to work concocting healthy skin potions. Then apply to face, turn off your phone and relax for 20 minutes. The relaxation is an added benefit for your skin! Then bring yourself back to reality by rinsing off with cold water.


Grind up some almonds until they turn into a powder and use as a facial scrub to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize. Read more

Exercise: Your Skin Will Thank You

It is common knowledge that to keep your skin healthy it is necessary to:


Please Please Please add EXERCISE!

What is skin? It’s not like internal organs such as your heart and brain. Skin is on the outside and happens to be our largest and most versatile organ allowing us to look presentable while protecting us from extreme sunlight, harsh temperatures, infectious substances, dangerous chemicals and more. We exercise for our heart and brain so doesn’t it make sense to exercise for our skin? Weighing in at about eight pounds and covering approximately 22 square feet for an average adult, skin needs a fitness regime to look its’ very best. Being a visible organ, skin is also the biggest giveaway of our health. Read more

Ask the Doc: Your Skincare Questions Answered

Who doesn’t want clear, youthful, healthy skin? We all do yet most of us are guilty of not caring for it properly including sun exposure, smoking and poor skin maintenance. Not only can skin issues affect your self confidence and emotional well-being, it can affect your overall health. The following questions are an accumulation of some of the most common questions doctors are asked every day. Please read these and ask your doctor these questions yourself. Treat your skin right as it will be with you for a lifetime! Your dermatologist is your skin’s best friend.

How do I check for skin cancer?

The sooner the better when it comes to identifying and treating potential or actual skin cancer. If you have any new and/or unusual spots or changes to spots, freckles or moles on your body see your doctor.  Have your doctor scan your body for any issues so that you have a base level to continue checking on your own. Then check your own skin regularly from the soles of your feet to your scalp to between your fingers and toes. Set up a regular schedule to visit your doctor to check your skin. Read more