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Should You Be Using a Sunscreen or Sunblock?

Most people use the terms sunscreen and sunblock interchangeably to refer generally to a lotion that protects the skin from the sun, but the two words actually carry very different meanings. This difference has been starkly highlighted by Hawaii’s decision to ban certain sunscreen sales due to their danger to coral reefs. Two important questions […]

Why You Need to Use a Daily SPF

Applying sunscreen before a long day at the beach or pool is an automatic responsibility for most people, but not everybody understands that using a daily SPF is equally as vital to skin health and safety. If you do not currently apply a daily sunscreen to keep your skin protected from those dangerous UV rays, […]

Get Your Skin Ready for Spring with a TCA Peel

If winter left your skin looking dull and damaged, all you need to get ready for spring is a TCA peel. Chemical peels quickly and easily revitalize your appearance by supporting controlled exfoliation that renews the vibrancy and smooth texture of your skin. Here is everything you should know about a TCA peel that will […]